Beverley Hills Estate is known for its ‘beautiful surroundings’

The Beverley Hills Estate Environmental Committee works to ensure that the estate has lush, indigenous, disease-free vegetation on common property and in private gardens which must be devoid of any alien invasive species (AIP’s). Private gardens may have some exotic plants not taking up more than 5% of a garden space. The Committee has a programme of planting trees annually.

lush & indigenous

Coastal Landscape

A special project will be underway in future of removing any AIP’s in all the common areas and replanting elsewhere. Walkway paths will be created giving access to previously inaccessible areas and a small indigenous plant nursery is to be established.


Trees & Plants in the Estate:

  • Beechwood
  • Common Coral Trees
  • Cabbage Tree
  • Dwarf Coral Tree
  • Fever Trees
  • Flat Crown
  • Forest Myrtle
  • Forest Spoonwood
  • Ilala Palm
  • Krantz Ash
  • Mangrove Mahogany
  • Natal Cherry
  • Natal Forest Mahogany
  • Natal Mahogany
  • Natal Silver Oak
  • Orchid Tree (aka Kameelpoot)
  • Plumbago
  • September Bush
  • Small Knobwood
  • Toad Tree
  • Tree Fuscia
  • White Ironwood
  • White Milkwood
  • Zulu Cherry