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About Beverley Hills Estates

Beverley Hills Estate, whose name originates from the farmland which was called Beverley Sugar Estate was finally developed in late 2004, and early 2005 and has since then been under the control and guidance of the Beverley Hills Estate Home Owners Association, which consists of nine trustees who either live permanently or own property within the estate.

The 163 units in the estate are made up of Malibu (54 Units) and Belair (28 Units) which are apartments and fall under their own sectional title schemes. The rest of the estate is made up of freestanding houses and duets. Every units falls under the auspices of the Home Owners Association.

In 2002 after an in-depth scoping report an environmental plan was approved and the land was rezoned from agriculture to residential but only on condition strict environmental principles were to be followed. This was due to our relationship to the shoreline, the poor residuary sandy soils, the hilly rear dune topography, and sub-tropical climatic conditions that categorized our land resource “High Sensitivity”.

Since the Home Owners have taken over, much effort has gone into rehabilitating this old sugar cane plantation, and restoring some of the wonderful bird and wild life and flora which we are so fortunate to have in our area.

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