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Nearly half way through the year, and at the moment we are as usual enjoying the most beautiful autumn here on Beverley Hills Estate. The grass and plants are almost dormant but despite this the Estate looks good.
Please read this newsletter carefully, as it contains some very important information which you need to know.

Only accredited letting/rental agencies that are registered with the EAAB, and holding a current fidelity fund certificate, and operating a trust account, as required by the EAAB, will be allowed to operate within BHE. All owners who are letting their property must inform the Estate Manager by letter, about which letting or rental agencies they are using, and whether or not more than one letting agency will be involved.

Letting and rental agencies that are not appointed and accredited must comply before 31 July 2013, or re-entry will be prohibited. So please see that the agency you use is accredited with the BHEHOA by this time, so that its staff are familiar with all the conduct rules of Beverley Hills Estate and of the Body Corporates of Belair and Malibu. They will then be responsible for informing the proposed tenants of the rules when completing the letting/rentals procedure form.

In future no pets will be allowed to enter Beverley Hills Estate without the consent of Trustees of the BHE Homeowners Association, and in addition, for those going to Malibu or Belair permission is also required from the Trustees of their respective complex.

All owners already living in the Estate must ensure that their pets are on the "Pet Register".
Otherwise re-entry will be prohibited.


The new warning signs are now up, and we have noticed a reduction in speed, thank you those of you who are slowing down. However there are still a few transgressors. I received a particular request from one homeowner that where you know there is a concealed entrance, you should please take special care to SLOW DOWN as he has several times nearly become a statistic.

If we can 'share' the cost of a proposed speed-monitoring electronic sign with another estate, it might be an option, and linking it to a camera might also be an option.


I have been asked to remind everyone that it is ILLEGAL (i.e. people can be fined) to feed wild animals on the estate. I doubt if anyone is still feeding monkeys as we all know what the results of that have been – other innocent households have also been seen as natural feeding habitat and therefore open to invasion. However, it is equally illegal to feed Yellow-billed Kites, Storks and Mongooses, or any other wild creatures.

For the moment, it is OK to continue to feed garden birds, but please make sure the food you put out is confined to fruit, seeds etc., Don't put out meat products which attract birds and animals which should be eating lizards, flies, snakes, frogs, snails, beetles etc., which their bodies are adapted to digest.

Your officers are continuing to follow up on the consumption variance. All but 4% of the monthly consumption is now accounted for. The highest areas of public consumption are the street lights and the clubhouse area. Carl can look at shortening the hours the street lights stay on in summer, but the pattern of use in the clubhouse area depends on whether the borehole pump, the dam pump, the chlorinators etc. are in use. He will study the variance over a twelve month period to measure usage. Electricity is seriously over budget, and the ESKOM increases mean that this item will have to be taken into consideration in the new budget.

If individual owners' lights don't come on after an outage either Carl or security must be contacted to check whether they have tripped in the transformer.

Related to this, an indemnity letter will be given to homeowners to sign if owner's electrical switch trips on BHEHOA side. Carl will only reset the switch once because if it trips again there is obviously a problem which the homeowner must take up with a qualified electrician.

The drains and pipes have been examined and unblocked as required, and according to the original supplier the system will now handle stormwater during most storms. Carl saved us a lot of money by handling this in house!!

Please will you report to Carl immediately any leaks you might identify, as these are often indications of burst pipes. There have been five burst pipes on the estate recently.

Flood lights are now installed along vulnerable perimeter areas.

Carl has been trying to get better equipment for the gym, but second hand equipment is often in a bad condition. Carl has asked if he can accrue the current year's budget and add it to next year's budgeted amount for new equipment. This was agreed.

The Trustees also agreed that a picture of various pieces of gym equipment should be put up in the gym, and users must please identify the equipment they would like to see purchased.

As a matter of general interest, two units have been sold on the estate so far this year.


To maintain a control on security and to monitor the movement of non-residents on the Estate, please ensure that your workers do not loiter on the common property or around the main gate. Under no circumstances are any staff allowed to live in any garages on the estate, and homeowners are asked to remind domestic and outdoor staff employed by them that they should not cause undue noise.

Please note that casual and part-time outdoor staff, gardeners in particular, should not be using body corporate toilets and staff room, which are there for the use of the official staff of Belair and Malibu. There is a toilet at the gatehouse – please inform anyone who works in your garden.

If you have kids, please take the required precautions with them in the pool and leisure areas.

We are fortunate to have some really excellent wildlife photographers among us, and over the next few months it will be my pleasure to share with you some superb pictures taken by Alan Pope, all on the estate. It was a real eye-opener to me that we had so many wonderful creatures that I had not noticed, so this time I will include some of the less obvious subjects.

Green chameleon (see on pdf download). I don't know his name, do you? Should we call him George?

But I do know the name of the remarkable butterfly caterpillar below (see on pdf download), thanks to Alan – it is the larva of the Banana Tree Night Fighter, and what do you think of that? I have no pictures of the butterfly – perhaps if you have wild bananas in your garden you might be clever enough to take one as a follow-up.

And a tree agama (see on pdf download), with his fine blue head and great camouflage.

Watch out for some great birds, insects and even snakes in following issues. Don't worry, nearly all the snakes are harmless and earn a comfortable living eating the creepy-crawlies you don't like. And of course are themselves food for mongooses, herons and other interesting creatures.


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